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Aloo-dum                                                  £4.99
(spiced potato, fried with onion, groud sesame & fresh Coriander.) V SS
Chilli Chips (hot)                                  £5.50
(Stir-fried potato chips with vegetables and fresh chilli favor.)  V
Mixed Vegetable Pokara                    £5.50
(Delicious deep fried snack with fresh coriander, chilli and ground cumin. Served with tomato chutnery) V G
Pakheta (Chicken Wings )                  £5.99
Chicken wings marianated with ground cumin, corainder, garlic, ginger then roasted in oven and deep fried. Served with tomato chutney.) SBS G
Everest Butter King Prawn                £6.99
(Marianated with home-made spices & deep fried till crispy. Served with sweet chilli.)  G E P
Gurkhali Pork-ribs                               £6.99
Marianated with salt & pepper then roasted in oven, stir-fried with vegetables, home made spices and fresh chilli.)  N SBS G
Sekuwa                                                      £6.99
(Diced pork stir-fried with ginger, garlic, tomato & dry seasoned with our home made spices.) G S
Chicken Fried                                          £6.99
(Deep fried tender chicken chunks marianated with ginger, garlic and home made spices.)   G S
Chicken Chhoila                                      £6.99
(Chicken breast stir fried in mustard oil with tomatoes, spring onion, coriander, ginger and garli, marianated with home made spices). M 
Pork Belly Chhoila                                    £7.10
(Pork belly marinated with home made spices. Stir fried in mustard oil with tomatoes, spring onion, onion, coriander, ginger and garlic. (hot).  M

 MOMO's (Dumplings)

(Steamed fragrantly spiced dumplings, one of the most popular foods in Nepal. Served with fresth Tomato Chutney (dip)).  V G C
Vegetable Momo                                             £5.99
Pork Momo                                                      £6.10
Lamb Momo                                                     £6.20
Vegetable Momo Chilli (hot)                        £7.20
Pork Momo  Chilli (hot)                                 £7.39
Lamb Momo Chilli (hot)                                £7.39
Everest Special Nepali Khajaa( Special Order Only)        £10.99
(Rice-flakes fried in butter and stir-fried pork with home made spices. Potato Achar, Soya beans(sadeko) or Moola ko Achar & Tomato Chutney.)



Everest Lamb                                           £9.99
(Fresh local lamb slow cooked with ginger, garlic, onions, home made spices, fresh chilli & coriander. An authentic flavor of Nepalese food.)
Lamb ra Hariyo Bodi                              £9.49
(Slow cooked fresh lamb with green beans and home made spices)
Khasi ra Aloo ko Tarkari                      £9.49


Himali Pork                                                  £9.10
(Diced pork cooked in Everest Gurkha style with onion, garlic, ginger, home made spices, fresh chilli and coriander.)
Bhaktapure Sungur                                       £9.49
(Typically dry cooked pork belly with pak-choi, tomato, fresh coriander and our home made


Sagarmath Chicken                                     £9.10
(Fresh chicken with onion, ginger, garlic, home made spices, fresh chilli and coriander. Slow-cooked and authentic flavor.)
Chicken ra Moola                                            £8.99
(Slow-cooked fresh chicken with white radish and home made spices. Moola(radish) is very popular vegetable in Nepalese cuisine.) 
Chicken ra Aloo                                                   £8.99
(Slow-cooked fresh chicken with potatoes and home made spices. Moola (radish) is very popular vegetable in Nepalese cuisine.)
Chicken Chilli (hot)                                                £9.10
(Tender marinated stir-fried chicken with mixed peppers and fresh chilli.) G

Fish and Prawn

Mardi Kholako Machha(Salmon Curry)              £9.99
(Slow cooked  salmon marinated with our home made spices.) F G
Jhinge Machha ko Tarkari (Prawn Curry)           £9.89 
(King prawn marinated with homemade spices & slow cooked in sauce.) P


Everest Gurkhali Beef                    £9.39
(Marianated with our own blended  Masala(spices) then stir-fried with mixed pepper, cabbage, ginger, garlic and onion.)       SBS G
Everest Gurkhali Chicken           £9.10
(Tender pieces of chicken brest, stir-fried with garlic and blended Masala.) SBS G

Side Dish

Bhat (rice)                                           £2.00 
(Boilded Basmati rice( Plain rice)
Bhuteko Bhat (fried rice)                  £3.99
(Rice fried with butter (Ghee) cumin, garlic  & mixed vegetable in Nepalese style).                                                            V D
Everest Special Fried Rice                    £4.39
(Fried rice in butter (Ghee), cumin, garlic, prawn, egg, chicken and mixed vegetables.)                                                                   E D V P
Kalo Dal(blak lentil)                                   £3.99
(Split black lentil sauce cooked with traditional  spices and finished with ginger taste.)                                                                V
Musuri Dal (yellow lentil)                            £3.99
(Split yellow lentil cooked with traditional spices and finished with ginger taste.)                                                                             V

Individual Vegetable Dishes

Aloo Tusa                                                        £6.49 
(New potatoes cooked, bamboo shoots with black-eye peas and fresh nepali spices served with fresh coriander.)  V
Everest Mixed Vegetable Tarkari            £7.10
(Mixed vegetables with ginger, garlic, onions, tomato, fresh coriander and fresh Nepali spices.)                                           V
Saag Sabji                                                     £6.29
(Chef's selected vegetables with broccoli, green peas, spinach & green beans.)                                                                    V 
Aloo Chana                                                     £6.29
(Potato with chick peas, onion, tomato, ginger, garlic and home made spices. Served with fresh coriander.)            V


Plain Noodle                                                   £5.49
(Boiled plain noodle.)                                     G E
Chicken Thukpa                                             £8.49
(Thukpa is a very popular meal in the foothills of the himalyas. A noodle soup base perfect in cold weather( mixed vegetable with soya sauce, ginger garlic, tomato and fresh Nepali spice)   £8.49 G E S
Chowmein                                                           £7.99
(Fried noodles with mixed vegetables or chicken.)        G E OY SBS
Everest Special Chowmein                                 £9.99
(Stir-fried noodle with prawn, chicken, egg and mixed vegetables.) E SBS P G O Y E 

Chutney (Spicy dip)

Tomato Chutney                                                   £1.00 V
(Mixture of tomato, red onion, fresh chilli and coriander.) V
Timoor ko Dhulo                                                      £1.00
(Fine grind powder of Himalayan herb with unique strong flavor.) V G
Khursani ko Achar ( hot & spicy)                         £1.20  V
Poppadom                                                                   £2.20 G


All Dal-Bhat set meals come with poppadom and yogurt. Please ask a member of staff should you have any allergies.

Dal Bhat Tarkari Masu                                            £16.99
(House special Nepalese meal come with rice, potato/black-eye beans & banboo shoot, poppadum, yogurt, fresh stone-ground chutney and side vegetables. Served with choice of Pork or Lamb or Chicken curry and Black or Yellow lentil.)                                                    G F D V
Dal Bhat Tarkari Machha (Salmon)                        £16.99
Typical Nepalese meal of rice, salmon curry, potato/black-eye beans & bamboo shoot and choice of Black or Yellow lentil. Served with poppadum, yogurt, fresh stone-ground chutney and side vegetable.)   G F D V
Dal Bhat Tarkari (Vegetarian)                                           £14.99
Authentic Nepalese meal of rice, potato/black-eye beans & bamboo shoot, poppadum, yogurt, fresh stone-ground chutney and side vegetable. Served with mixed vegetable curry and choice of Black or Yellow lentil.
Note: Set meals can be served without Yogurt(dairy) or Poppodom (gluten) on your request.
Note: Foods contain: G-gluten, V-vegetables, SBS- soya bean sauce, S-soya, SS-seasame seeds, E-egg, C-celeriac, N-nuts, D-dairy, F-fish, P-prawn, OY-oyster sauce, M-mustard oil. (KTC Vegetable Oil or Pure Ghee in use to prepare foods).
Contact Us for order and further queries.
Thank you.